~ Tips & Tricks ~

From time to time I will be posting tips & tricks to make ur baking much easier.

No problem! you can make ur own, here’s how..
in this order. (all at room temp) 1 tlbs. lemon juice added to 1 cup of room temp milk in that order. The mixture NEEDS to set at least 1/2 hr. to an hour. Soon you will see the milk curdle, this is ur buttermilk.

If your like me I love to save money. But when I bake, sometimes I need orange zest. Well here’s a tip of what I do. When we have oranges, I peel off the orange rind. Scrub the orange peels & let them dry on the counter.  You can store the orange peel in a plastic zip bag in the frig, till your ready to zest.  I zest it onto “wax paper”. Than I place the whole tray in the oven. “PLEASE DO NOT TURN ON OVEN” we don’t want to bake it, I just STORE the zest in the oven to dry out, without having any dust accumulate on the zest. Yes I have tried covering it with a paper towel & leave it on the counter, but I personally was not happy with the results. Than I saved the zest in an amber jar, & marked it with a black sharpie. So actually saved myself anywhere from 5 to $10.00. I do this also with lemon zest.

Zest Orange                           Saved orange peel
Amber Orange Jar                           Bottle Cap





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